Chunky jewelry (especially moonstone) and live music.  Ocean waves, collecting rocks, and the smell of lavender. The contagious giggles of my two children, their little feet, big smiles and incredible hearts.

Cold red wine served in a handmade ceramic cup.  Sunshine on my back, plants budding in the garden, cooking with friends. My camera within arms reach and my husband standing by me, supporting my desire to create and being a kickass father. 

These are just a few of my favorite things.  

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Denver Birth Photographer
Denver Birth Photographer Eden Photography

The camera has always been my favorite tool to create with.

We have grown with each other over the years, evolving and learning.  From 35mm film, hands wet in the dark room, black bags blindly rolling film, drying prints, cutting mattes, air-in-a-can-fine-art finesse framed silver unlimited digital clicks, macs and mice and machines, WWW and HTML and FB and IG and DSLR and more acronyms than you can imagine.  Together we have unearthed my soul and learned how to nurture a space for it to flourish.  

Denver Birth Photographer Eden Photography
Denver Birth Photographer Eden Photography
Denver Birth Photographer Eden Photography

To be invited to witness and document private, personal and life altering moments in peoples lives is an honor I don't take lightly. 

The respect I hold for each space and the souls within it is genuine and it feeds my soul.  I seriously have the coolest job ever.

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