Water Birth Home Birth Story, Parker, CO - Part 1

Melissa and Ryan invited myself and Joyanna Goslovich, with Capturing Joy Birth Services, to provide them with doula support during their pregnancy, labor and birth. Along with that support, we incorporated a documentary maternity photo session, birth photography and videography, and finally an in home newborn session. I would like to share their story in three parts.

I love this sweet, calm, peaceful time with first time parents. There is so much juxtaposition of emotion while they plan for the unknown, peacefully ease the anxiety, patiently wait while counting down the minutes, trusting but desperately wanting to know.

We stepped outside to start the session and the warmth of the sun hit my back as I realized I was about to witness something that may seem fairly mundane, but was actually quite intimate. They opened up a baby name book and started discussing options. They wanted to wait till birth to find out the gender of their baby, so both male and female names were giggled about, vetoed or added to the ‘maybe’ list. We came back into their home, and spent the majority of the time in the master bedroom, the place they were preparing to labor and birth their baby in a few weeks.

Again, this invitation is not taken lightly, as this is their home, their sanctuary, their private space that not only have we been invited into, but we have been trusted to document them within it. They are a gentle couple with a really sweet, kind of quiet, love. They have been together for many years and the deep rooted trust is almost tangible as they connect.

For some, it is easy, for many it can be uncomfortable to be in front of the camera. However, I believe that it is so incredibly important to document moments such as these. To have imagery that captures a moment in time, a moment that will never be the same again. To be able to see how your body moved and changed to accommodate new life. A feeling you think you will never forget, but eventually becomes foreign again. These moments are beautiful and worth remembering for lifetimes to come.

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