what to wear

This is the most common question that I receive. Although I prefer to shoot documentary style (as you are!), I would be lying if I told you that I don't put thought into what I wear during a documentary session.  In general, solid colors or clothing with not distracting patterns translate best in images.  Please avoid clothing with words, logos, and figures.  Most importantly, be comfortable - if you aren't it will reflect in the images. 


What is included

You will receive the full gallery, complete with hand edited high resolution images along with a print release.  The amount of images is dependent on the session and a specific amount is never guaranteed.  You will receive a combination of black & white and color images, artistically and professionally selected.  You will have the option to purchase additional products once the digital gallery is delivered.  


documentary vs lifestyle

True documentary style photography means photographing events as they occur without disrupting or altering the moment.  Technically, by hiring me for a documentary session, we have already 'altered' the natural occurrence of the event. But who needs to get that technical!?! This is my preferred style and is important for you to recognize before hiring me.  I will document your event, looking for the candid and most natural moments.  This most often means you are not looking at the camera.  Someone once told me that I 'dance through the space capturing memories rather than taking pictures".  

While I still bring my documentary approach to it, Lifestyle Sessions are a bit more posed, stylized or set up.  Think milk bath, herbal bath, or the stylized shoots I do with Eden + Alex collaborations. 



A retainer, typically around $200, is required at contract signing and is not refundable.  It does apply towards the total balance due. 


how does birth photography affect availability

It is important to know that I am primarily a birth photographer (see more at Eden and Joy Birth Stories).  As much as many of us want to, delivery dates are typically not something that can be planned and scheduled. This means that I am often 'on-call' for a birth.  Because of my partnership, I will make every effort to have coverage during dates when I have scheduled a session.  However, birth is the most unpredictable event and it may happen where I am either called into a birth, at a birth or just returning from a birth and may need to reschedule last minute with you.  I recognize that this is not ideal and I am extremely sensitive to other people's schedules.  I will provide you with as much advance notice as possible.  Your session will be rescheduled at our next available opportunity.  If our session is date and time specific (i.e., a birthday party), I will first attempt to send a back up photographer.  If one is not available, we can reschedule for a similar session at the same originally contracted price.  If that is unacceptable, I will refund you the contracted amount minus the retainer fee.