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As your doula, I take pride in truly listening to and supporting your desires as you move through your pregnancy and towards childbirth and then into parenthood. By providing you with educational, evidence based resources and information you are able to manifest a clear vision of your birth experience, knowing that there ARE options, what they are, and which ones feel most comfortable to you and your family. Connecting you to modern and empowering tools, together we can create a visually appealing, easy to ready birth plan - full of confidently selected options.

As your doula, I provide a consistent, calming, and positive presence during your labor and birth experience. Someone that is truly delighted to give you a foot massage, run for more ice, wipe your sweat, spoon feed you, make you laugh, cry with you. It is my goal to create a safe and loving space for both birthing mama and her partner, so that the partner can be present and connected to the birthing mama without having to worry about the other stuff. I ride the waves with you both, fully present and as hands on or hands off as you may need.

As your doula, our in-home postpartum visit is often filled with laughs, tears, and an abundance of love as we continue to stare in wonder and fascination at the miracle in your arms. We spend time processing the birth story, re-living the astounding strength you unearthed, admiring the love you shared with your partner, and communicating the details that will forever be embedded in your soul. I help fill some gaps with a written timeline of your story, detailing your progression through labor and birth. Newborn care, postpartum body health, breastfeeding and parenting suggestions are discussed and supported. But this isn’t the end for us….my doula heart will always carry a piece of your story and I will remain available to you as a friend.


Birth Photography

It is my goal to document one of the most transformative days of your life while respecting the sacredness of your birth space.

Your partner supporting you in a way neither of you could have predicted. The intensity as you stare into each others eyes, realizing that you are on the brink of change, life altering change. The sheer power unearthed from deep within as you reach deep to open and bring baby earth side.  The moment a new human being enters this world and lets out their own unique sound with their first breath of air. The rush of emotions as you see, smell and touch your baby for the first time.  Those tiny toes, squishy cheeks and peach fuzz that will quickly fade away.  This is worth remembering forever.   

On-call: My batteries are charged, my bags are packed and by the door, I don't go far from home and no wine with dinner starting at 37 weeks and until you bring your baby earth side. 

When do I arrive? Around active labor, although we are in touch a LOT before hand.

How long do I stay? Around 2-3 hours after birth. 

What is included? Full gallery of your birth story with edited high resolution digital images and the print release.  You will receive 3-5 sneak peek images within 24 hours of the birth, but the full gallery will be delivered between 4-6 weeks postpartum. 


Birth Videography

It is not every day that you get to film a close friend’s birth story. This mama created a birth team that she knew would be the best fit for her and her family. I met her at her home during early labor, but we didn’t stay long as she quickly moved into active labor and knew it was time to head to the birth center. She listened to her body as her baby descended, her husband never leaving her side, the midwives gently supporting her with affirmations and loving touch. Her third daughter was born en caul with an easily resolved nuchal cord while in the bath.