“Where do I begin?! Lindsey captured moments of my life that I could have easily forgotten. With all of the chaos and lack of sleep in the first few months of my son’s life I’m so glad she captured memories I will treasure for a lifetime. Her photos are so REAL. When I look at the pictures of my son I can feel his skin and hear his adorable baby noises. I can smell the milk that is covering my shirt and I can feel my heavy eyes. My own little euphoria was printed on paper. My house that I brought my baby home to is captured in a photograph I hang on a wall in my new home. Thank you thank you. Your work is more than art. Your talent is more than taking pictures. You are incredible and have a gift at capturing my favorite days.”

− Kassie Quigley, February 2019


“Lindsey was our doula and photographer for the recent birth of our first child. It is hard to put into words how wonderful she was, she was supportive, nonjudgemental, extremely knowledgeable and always available and responsive when I needed her. Leading up to the birth, Lindsey provided information and resources that were so helpful in preparing for our big day. When I went into labor, Lindsey was there in no time, staying with us throughout almost the entire 32 hour labor. She was gentle with her words yet made her presence known- making me feel like I had the best support team ever. We have seen the sneak peeks of the photos she took and they are truly beautiful, and so special to have documented. And I must say, her transition from Doula to photographer was so seamless, I didn't even notice when she picked up the camera. I cannot recommend Lindsey enough, she is a special person, talented photographer, natural Doula and I feel so blessed that she was there for me and my family during this incredibly important event.”

− Kate O’Brien, January 2019


“Lindsey was truly amazing not only was she my Doula but she also volunteered to be my birth photographer! I am blind and have practically no vision and she was able to document the birth of my second son in a way that I will never forget. She has a wonderful wonderful way with words and I’m so thankful that she was able to document and caption my sons birth with video and Photos. When I read the captions I am able to experience the moment all over again. I highly recommend her services and now happy to call her my friend.”

− Jessica Saldivar, October 2018


“Working with Lindsey was such a wonderful experience for my family! We chose Lindsey to capture the home birth of our third baby as well as newborn photos. She took the time to get to know us and helped my older boys feel comfortable around her. She even came for a home visit to meet my midwife and make sure things would go as smoothly as possible the day of the birth.

When the time came, Lindsey arrived quickly after we called and immediately blended right in. She somehow managed to capture the most incredible images of our family’s experience while also lending a helping hand wherever needed! She provided encouragement and support to my husband and I throughout labor and helped reassure my boys that everything was going well. She also captured the most wonderful, moving video of our birth along with the still images.

And then she came back a week later to document our new family dynamic and all the sweet newborn features of our new baby boy. Lindsey didn’t just take pictures that look nice hanging on our wall...she took images that make our hearts burst with the love and joy we were experiencing in that moment! She captured the moments that we were enjoying so deeply we couldn’t have stepped back to really record and remember them ourselves and we are SO grateful!!

− Laura Szczecina, October 2017