A Supported Blind Mother Births Her Second Son

This strong blind mother requested to “see” her baby as he crowned, reaching down to feel. And when the time came, he decided to enter this world with one push as she caught him and brought him up to her chest with grace and support. He instinctually nestled into her chest and reached up to touch her face, her nose, her lips as she exclaimed, “YES, that is my face!” This woman embodies motherhood withe her strength, beauty, courage and phenomenal sense of humor. This mother may live with struggles most of us will never be able to comprehend, but I have never stood next to a women that could see the world so clearly.

Courageously Born Denver Home Water Birth

This is the story of a doula and her loving husband bringing their third baby earth side at home on a gorgeous summer day.  The gender was a surprise, the two older siblings and grandparents were present, and Dad got to announce the gender. 

Precipitous Home Birth 

This first time mama accidentally ended up delivering her son unassisted in the empty bath tub while on speaker phone with their midwife who was en route!  Both professional acupuncturists, these parents are able to give their newborn son his first adjustments when he was only hours old!

Midwife Blessing

This song has been passed down within the Colorado midwifery community as well as home birth community for over 30 years. Midwives sing it to babies and their families after birth to celebrate their safe passage and to pause to honor the sacredness of the moment. 

Mother's Blessing

A ceremony honoring the mother and the baby growing within her.  Offering her blessings for the end of her pregnancy, jewels and beads to carry love and prayer during labor and birth, and even dance to honor the feminine goddess within yourself.  Create it how you wish, this is a celebration of you and a stunning way to feel empowered, loved, supported and beautiful as you approach the end of your pregnancy. 

Cesarean Awareness 2018

As an administrator for Birth Becomes Her, a international resource for birth photographers and expecting families, I was honored with the task of compiling photography and videography clips from artists around the world as they documented the bravery of cesarean births. 


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