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Postpartum Rice Porridge at The Birth Center of Boulder

Food can have astounding healing powers to the body, spirit and soul. In addition to its nourishing aspects, it has now become a traditional and familiar part of their story. A detail that will so deeply be engrained in their memories that as they move through their lives, raising their children, the moment they smell it again they will instantly be brought back to these two transformational days. Days where their worlds turned on its axis and their family grew.

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En Caul Water Birth at the Birth Center of Denver

Her sweet baby was born in the water, en caul (which means that the amniotic sac was still intact) and together with her husband, they gently and confidently lifted her to the surface, expertly and intuitively removing the caul from her face. Baby Ryan was born into the arms of a family that will accept her for everything that she is and will nurture her as she becomes anything she desires.

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